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Nature and the cosmos

There are forces at work in the substances and processes of the human constitution which correspond to those revealed in our natural and cosmic surroundings. Knowledge of these forces is essential to understanding human health and illness, and it provides the basis for therapeutic possibilities.

The realms of nature


Tria Principia

Elements | Etheric principles


Colours | Harmonies | Sounds

Anthroposophic anthropology | Physiology

Differentiated insight into the multidimensional human organisation makes an expanded understanding of health, development and illness possible:





Biographical development

Understanding of disease | Pathology

Health is the result of a constant and dynamic maintenance of harmonious balance between the forces at work in the human being. A too weak or too strong involvement of the subtle members of the fourfold human being causes a disturbance in the healthy interaction of the physiological processes, resulting in a lack of balance that manifests as illness in body and soul.

General understanding of disease

Specific understanding of disease

Illness | Biography | Development

Anamnesis and examination

In Anthroposophic Medicine, examinations and anamnesis aim to comprehend the configuration of the physical body, etheric body, astral body and “I”-organisation. In addition to using conventional anamnesis and examination techniques applied in the various professional fields, Anthroposophic Medicine relies on specific questions and examination techniques that give information about the configuration of the subtle bodies in the specific case.

Anamnesis techniques

Examination techniques

Diagnosis and healing requirements

The assessment of the physical body, etheric body, astral body and “I”-organisation of the person who is ill leads to an expanded diagnosis of an imbalance in the constellation of forces involved. From this diagnosis it is possible to work out the patient’s healing requirements to the point of finding an individual path of health for them.

Diagnosis of the human fourfold nature

Individual healing requirements


The therapeutic measures of Anthroposophic Medicine aim to have a regulating and harmonising effect on the members of the patient’s fourfold nature, thereby orienting them towards health. An individual therapy plan is worked out and modified over the course of treatment based on the diagnosis. Each professional field uses its own specific methods and remedies.



Remedies in different professional fields

Therapy plan

Evaluating the course of the illness

Theory of knowledge | Path of development | Research

In order to arrive at an expanded pathology that includes the human fourfold nature, find appropriate therapies and evaluate the success of the treatment, an underlying theory of knowledge is required, a methodology, competency and relevant research. For all these areas Anthroposophic Medicine has specific approaches and paths of learning that are taught in the various training centres.


Forms of knowledge

Path of development


Ethics in medicine


Anthroposophic Medicine is engaged in every respect in many and varied social contexts, which are each shaped and developed in a specific way. First and foremost is the relationship to the patient, but also to patient organisations. Then there is interprofessional collaboration, cooperation between colleagues, as well as collaboration with the Medical Section, professional socieites, public institutions, the media, and on health care policies.

Relationship with the patient

Collegiality | Interprofessional work

Professional associations | Medical Section

Health care policy | Associations

Publicity work